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Macbook died, key copying and transparent lock

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

My poor macbook died. I keep backups, so no harm is done, but it sucks to have to work on an old company windows machine for now.

So my posting is going to be a simple one today, using some images I uploaded to blackbag before the crash. One of the things I wanted to share is a couple of pictures taken at HAR from the by now famous ‘transparten lock’. These one, two, three, four images give you a much better idea how nice this lock is than in my original posting. And many people took the opportunity to play with the lock at HAR. If you have large demo locks like this please let me know!

copies made with the quick key system

One other thing mentioning was the round the clock presentations at HAR by my good friend Till. He demonstrated a system to copy mechanical keys called ‘quick key’ (made and designed in Berlin). It uses some sort of two component kind of rubber to make a mould of a key. Till showed that with a little effort almost any mechanical key can be duplicated. He even managed to copy a high security popular French safe lock key.

And to keep in line with my dead macbook … at HAR I have seen the most bizarre picktool case EVER…..

Hope to be back on a Mac sunday for a new update on BlackBag ….